Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Selfies

 I am not supposed to be up here, but Mom said my selfie was too cute not to let me stay long enough to capture it.

Happy Sunday to all my friends out there!

I am a happy boy - my paw is MUCH better!

Selfies are nice, but how about one Ussie?:)

Happy Selfie Sunday to all!!!

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Friends

Enjoying a nice day outside together.

Synchronized Squirrel Watching

Synchronized Staring

Synchronized Sniffing

And a couple of outtakes of NOT posing nicely for Mom:)

Nothing happening here, Mom. Move along.

And a few short videos of wild fun outside.

(If you look closely, you can see the tiny speck of blue at the top of Timber's brown eye:)

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Lightning here today.  I don't usually get to do a post about me, but I had to go with Mom today to the V.E.T.  

Mom noticed that I was limping on my front right leg on Saturday, and she thought maybe I had overdone things a bit as I was racing around the yard with Misty and Timber.  It is so much fun to run fast now that it is cooler outside.  So she thought a couple of days of no running and some rest would help.  But then Sunday she saw I was still limping and I was also licking and licking the pads on my right front paw.  She looked and looked but couldn't find anything.  I didn't give her any hint either since I didn't cry out or pull my paw away.  I was trying to be a very good boy.

But last night the limping seemed worse so she decided it was time to go to the V.E.T.  She doesn't like to have to take me in the car because I get very anxious and make a lot of noise ALL the way to the clinic.  I have to be tethered in the wayback of the SUV so I can't crawl in her lap:)  But she found a product that seems to help me a lot.

I have to take 3 1/2 of these chewable "bonelets" at least 45 minutes before I go in the car.  I don't mind because they are very tasty.  Misty and Timber kept trying to lick my lips after I had them.  And Mom and I are both happy to report that I was reasonably calm in the car.  Mom just wishes they would work for my anxiety about those darn bikes on our walks.

So the nice vet lady Dr. C. checked me all over and said everything seemed good, but she still needed to look at my paw.  When I was a young pup, Mom spent a lot of time playing with my toes and feet and ears so that I wouldn't mind getting my nails clipped, my ears checked, or my toes examined like today.  I was a really good boy and stayed down on the floor for the whole exam.  So what did she find?  Well, way down deep in my paw under all that fur, the biggest of my pads had a deep gouge in it.  Somehow I cut it and it was hurting enough to cause me to limp.  But I am a very brave boy and never cried about it at all.  So Dr. C. cleaned the wound thoroughly and clipped off the piece of pad that was hanging there.  I have to take it easy for a while to give it a chance to heal.  No licking (heh heh, heh) and no racing.  

Mom is hoping I don't have to wear a sock or a boot because either I will pull it off or SomePup will do it for me.  

Hey, Lightning, you know I have already been helping you by trying to lick that boo boo for you:)

I have some antibiotics to ward off any infection and some Rimdyl for pain.  The Rimadyl tastes pretty good to me, but Mom has to hide the Simplicef in something tasty. 

I am pretty lucky (I think) to have these two here with me in case I need some extra nursing:) 

But if you would like to send me a little extra POTP, I would be very happy.  I am going to be just fine, so no worries.

Now, I think I will let that Rimadyl help me take my afternoon nap.

Woos - Lightning (with a little help from my pals Misty and Timber)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tasty Tuesday #ChewyInfluencer

Time for our October review.  

Yes, as ChewyInfluencers, we have two products again this month.  We had a hard time deciding which one to do first because they are both new to us and look quite appealing.

First up - 

A BIG 8 oz. package of Blue Healthy Holistic Boo Bars.  Don't let that Mummy on the bag scare you off.  Listen to our review first, and we just make may you a believer too.

As you can see each "mummy morsel" is a very good size for a treat.  They can easily be broken, but we convinced the Momster that we should each get a whole one.  

Before we tell you what we thought, let's look at a little more about this product.

From the website, we found this description:

While they might not be too big on dressing up like bumblebees, dogs love Halloween, and that’s why Blue Buffalo created Boo Bars. With Boo Bars, the furry kids can enjoy a healthy treat while the other kids eat candy. Boo Bars are oven-baked for a crunch that would startle a vampire. Made from an original recipe, Boo Bars feature some of nature’s most delicious and nutritious ingredients including pumpkin, carrots, barley, oatmeal, flaxseed and cinnamon.

Along with some fine key benefits:

  • Oven-baked mini holiday biscuits: a healthy treat for the pup to get into the Halloween spirit!
  • Natural treats with added vitamins & minerals. Contains no corn, wheat, or soy, and no by-product meals
  • A howling good recipe, with wholesome and nutritious ingredients like pumpkin, carrots, barley, oatmeal, flaxseed and cinnamon
  • Crunchy, tasty biscuit for dogs of all breeds and ages
  • Limited edition festive treat, made in the USA
Who doesn't LOVE pumpkin???  And cinnamon???  Now we do get a spoonful of pumpkin in our dinner bowl every night to help keep our tummies in good shape.  And Mom is pretty good about making us some pumpkin treats every now and then.  But who needs to wait for Mom to bake when all you have to do is pop open a bag and enjoy!!!  As it says on the bag, "So good.  It's like Mummy made them":)

We wish Mom was handy enough to give us a Boo Bar AND snap a photo at the same time, but she says we are too eager to taste the goodness of this wonderful snack for her to do that.  So you are just going to have to take our word for it that Blue Boo Bars crunchy dog biscuits are absolutely fantastic, marvelous, delicious, tasty, crunchy, and AWESOME!!!  If you want to form your own opinion, HURRY over to HERE so you can get some of these "limited edition" treats at a amazingly low price.  We are going to stock up so we can enjoy them for a long while.

We were delighted to be able to provide you with this review at no cost to us. sent us a free bag in exchange for our honest and fair review.  Thanks and Ms. Natalie for letting us be ChewyInfluencers once again.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Remembering on Sunday

October 2016 was a very difficult time for all of us here at The OP Pack.  We lost our incredibly sweet and special girl Angel Ciara on October 6, 2016.  She was only 6 years old, a life cut short way too soon by an evil force that we could not control.

Today we want to honor the joy of Ciara.  She left an indelible mark on our lives and we want to celebrate her life with us.  It is hard to believe that it has already been a year.

Ciara's early life was totally intertwined with her half brother (Thunder and Ciara had the same father) as the following series of photos will attest.

The very sudden loss of Thunder the summer of 2013 had a major impact on Ciara. She had truly lost the best friend she would ever know.  It was shortly after that date that her troubles began.  But we are sure that the two Angels are once again bound together by their hearts of love. 

Ciara was loved by her packmates.  Here is our foursome, the Three Angels - Ciara, Thunder, and Phantom - along with Lightning, the baby of the quartet.

Ciara was very attached to our little princess dancerina C.

And twin brother J made a great snuggle buddy.

Ciara loved her toys, sometimes a little too much:)

Ciara was always a comfort to the old man Phantom.  She seemed to sense his need for a little space with a hint of loving closeness. 

And when we became a pack of two with the passing of Phantom, she and Lightning formed a stronger bond that became her source of comfort when her curse of seizures hit.

There are not enough words to describe the joy, love, happiness, and comfort Ciara brought to our lives.  Our eyes still fill with tears when we think of her life with us and how much we still miss her.

Her smile would melt your heart.  And those copper eyes oozed the love she felt for all.

We miss you, baby girl, and we will love you forever.

Woos - Mom and Dad, Lightning, and your gift to us - Misty - and the bonus gift of Timber

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Caturday Art

It's Caturday Art Day with Athena the Cat Goddess.
Let's join the bloghop.

We decided we would let Mom share one art creation of hers today. She has been working on this all week.

It is a floral wreath headpiece for the oldest grandbiped K for a school project.  The candles are battery-operated and they even flicker.  Mom used pipe tube clamps to attach them to the wreath's frame.  She still has a little bit more work to do, but we thought it was perfect for Caturday Art.

We have been remiss in our posting this week, but we have to put all the blame on the Momster. She has been busy helping Dad by doing some typing for him, shopping for the final products for our second floor renovation, and having fun with the grands who had three days of no school for parent/teacher conferences.  We had fun with the kids too, but we are ready for life to get back to normal, well, the normal crazy:)

Here is our Caturday Art photo for the day.
We hope our dreams come true THIS winter.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday Timber Training Talk

So I have been doing a lot of "training" with Mom lately.  I think SHE is doing pretty good.  She seems to learn very quickly.  She feeds me my meals on time, takes me for nice walks, plays with me, and gives me lots of tummy rubs and ear scritchies. In exchange, I am doing marvelously with sit, stay, down, paw, and leave it.  I am making great strides with potty training, just the overnight issue of mostly dry nights and an occasional wet night.  

She says she gives me very good marks too, except for one thing.  I am going to let her do the talking now.

So a while ago, we mentioned that Timber had an issue with some guarding of a few of his toys.  There are only four toys that seem to be HIS treasures.  Now all of these four toys are pre-Timber, well-loved and enjoyed by both Lightning and Misty (and even Angel Ciara).  So they are not new, not HIS.

A silly fuzzy turtle and a nubby-textured dinosaur.

A crinkly critter that might be a dog with wings?  and Sneaky Snake.

The turtle, dinosaur, and snake have/had squeakers, and the critter has crinkly paper inside.  The turtle and dinosaur have recently been de-squeaked by Timber.  But the high level of interest is still there.

We also have many, many more toys with squeakers and crinkly sounds that are very nicely shared by Timber, Misty, and Lightning, like the four shown above. For some reason this snake doesn't seem to have that same high level of "mine" appeal as Mr. Sneaky Snake.

A blogger friend who is an excellent trainer and "reader" of dog behavior gave us some ideas for working with Timber to try to prevent this "guarding" behavior from going any farther.  It is a minimal issue now, but we don't want to see it escalate.  One of the things we have been doing is to only let Timber have these special toys when he is away from the other dogs.  During that time, we let him have one or two of the cherished toys and we do a lot of trading, toy for a tasty treat, over and over.  There has never been a problem for us to take ANY toy from Timber, even the ones he guards.  He just doesn't want Misty (or Lightning) to have those four toys.  He truly loves his time with these toys. They keep him very busy even with the repeated trading with Mom.  We were thinking that maybe now that he has desqueaked them, he would have less interest.  But as soon as he sees Misty in the other room, he goes under the table and very steadily keeps his eyes on where she is.  We are also reading a book reconmmended to our blogger friend by another dog trainer. The book is called "Mine: A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs" by Jean Donaldson.  The book has a lot of very good information but seems to apply mostly to dogs guarding from humans rather than other dogs.  We are still gaining a lot of insight into the whys of resource guarding and will adapt the suggestions to our situation.  

Meanwhile, we wondered how Timber would do if we introduced a new toy to the pack.  In the video you can see Misty and Timber enjoying their new pink piggy (with crinkly stuff inside) with Lightning watching the two sillies.  What you see in the video is typical of 99% of Timber's playtime with Misty - no guarding whatsoever.  There must be something very magical about his four "mine" toys that makes them different from all the others. We were very pleased to see that he reacted extremely well to a new toy.

Timber and Misty had a lot of fun with Pink Piggy, and it even appears that Misty took the lead role.  She even tried to engage Lightning who was too busy with his bone.

See, I really AM a very good boy, and I love to play with my packmates as long as I can have MY special toys alone:)

It may turn out that the toys in question may just have to be discarded. But if you have any other ideas, we are more than open to suggestions.

No, no, no, Mom.  Don't throw them away.  Let's keep trying.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber and Mom